The best way for a webmaster to earn money it's promoting adult contents.
Take a look on the Hard 18+ section of my website: Click here. All you can see on that page, it gives me money (a lot of money), every month.
In this post I'm going to tell you the methods I use, providing you all the links and info you need to start your adult business and earn money just like I do.

Here is the list of the methods I use. You can apply and use all of them!


ExoClick is the best way to earn money with your adult website. A large variety of ad types and formats,
classical banners, slides, popups and popunders, interstitials, fullpage ads, all of them in any dimension and with the best CPM rate ever. Also, the minimum payout is very low (20$) and you can easily reach it and ask for payout on paypal.


CrakRevenue doesn't pay for click or impression, but for sales. Every time someone clicks a CrakRevenue banner from your website and register on the sponsored site, you'll earn from 1 $ to 2,50 $! Often may happen that, in addition to the registration, the same user can also buy something on that site (a subscription or a product) and automatically you can earn up to 50-75$ IN NO TIME! And trust me, on the net there are a lot of people spending money on these websites!
Minimum payout is 100$ with Paxum (click here to register to Paxum)


Also this website pays you every registration. Chaturbate is a adult webcam website with a lot of models showing themselves. If an user register on Chaturbate from your website, you'll earn 1$ each registration! Just give a look on the home page of myadult section: Click here. You'll se a lot of thumbnail images all of them leading on chaturbate. I earn 1$ for every user that click and register!
Minimum payout is 100$ on Paxum (Click here to register to Paxum)


Pop Ads

Pop Ads is a great site providing popups and popunders. After you register your website on Popads, and they'll accept it, you can generate a HTML Code to put on your pages. You'll earn about 3,50 - 4 $ per 1000 popunder views, that is the best rate ever you can find. Minimum payout is ONLY 5$ on Paypal: when you request it, a countdown of 24hours or less starts, and when it's over you'll have your money on Paypal! With this site I'm earning 2,50$ per day and asking payments every two days!
(It is also good for non-adult websites!)


These are the four sites I use in the adult section. If you need help and want to learn more, just contact me at:Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo..

Click here if you want to earn money with a non-adult website. 

Buscando maneras de hacer dinero, usted probablemente ha oído hablar mucho de "Forex", de "trading" o "Opciones Binarias".
La pregunta es: "¿Puede usted realmente hacer dinero con estas maneras?"
Y la respuest es: "¡Sí!
Es claro que en principio no es fácil. Yo mismo necesitaba un poco de tiempo ante de realizar 100% de el funcionamiento de éstos sistemas y cómo hacer trading aprovechando al máximo las posibilidades.
Desde que me está dando una renta semanal justa, y presentarlo a los miembros de mi blog no me cuesta nada, me decidí a dar tres sitos donde se puede iniciar de forma segura, inmediatamente si ya tiene experiencia, o leer las muchas guías que éstos excelentes y surtidos sitos hacen disponible!
A continuación se muestra una lista completa y actualizada de sitos para comenzar a operar en línea. Vuelvas a visitar esta página porque yo también estoy buscando formas más eficaces para ganar CON el trading, ENTONCES yoactualizará este artículo con los mejores sitos que puedo encontrar!

- (Aconsejado)  


(Lista de actualización, vuelvas a visitar este artículo con nuevos sitos de trading cada vez más asequible)

En cherchant façons pour gagner, vous avez sûrement entendu parler du "Forex", du "Trading", ou des "Options binaires".
Si la question est: "On peut vraiment gagner de l'argent avec ces outils?"
La reponse est: "Oui!"
C'est clair que au début il n'est pas facile. Il m'a fallu un peu de temps pour comprendre 100% le fonctionnement de ces systèmes et la façon de faire trading en exploitant au mieux toutes les possibilités.
Puisque je gagne un revenu hebdomadaire décent, et que le présenter aux utilisateurs de mon blog ne me coûte rien, j'ai décidé de vous donner trois sites où vous pouvez commencer, tout de suite si vous avez déjà une expérience, oulire les nombreux guides que ces excellents sites vous offrent!
Voivi la liste complète et mise à jour des sites pour commencer à faire trading en ligne. Revenez visiter cette page parce que moi aussi je cherche d'autres méthodes efficaces pour gagner de l'argent grâce au trading, donc je mettrai à jour cet article là avec les meilleurs sites que je peux trouver!

eToro - (meilleur choix)

(Mise à jour de la liste, revenez visiter cet article pour des nouveaux et meilleurs sites de trading)

During your search for methods trying to win or earn money, you've certainly heard a lot about "Forex", the "Trading", or "Binary Options".
The question is: "Can you really make money with these tools?"
And the answer is: Yes!
Let me be clear, it is not easy initially. I myself have put a lot of time before understanding at 100% the use of these systems and how to trade by exploiting any possibilies.
Since it is giving me a strong weekly income, and introducing it to the readers of my blog does not cost me anything, I decided to provide some platforms and websites where you can easily get started right away if you are already experienced, or read the many guides that these excellent and reliable sites make available!
Below you'll find a complete and updated list of these sites to start making online trading. Come back and visit this page often because I am myself looking for more effective methods of income through trading, so I usually update this article with the best sites I can find! Right now, the best in my opinion are:

- eToro (Recommended)

- 24 Option 

- 24 Forex  (With good tutorial inside)

(Daily updated list, come back often for new offers)

Are you an exhibitionist girl or boy (or, why not, couple) and like to show yourself to other people? Well, then why don't you do this ALSO EARNING MONEY?
In internet there are a lot of people surfing adult porn websites, looking for video or adult cam shows and many of them spend a lot of money to watch those contents.

One of these websites is Chaturbate.

Chaturbate is one of the most important adult cam show in the world, with a lot of girls, boys and couples showing themselves with their webcams. Every show has an average of 600-800 online visitors everytime, but the most important thing is that very often these users, if they like your show, give to you some "token". While you are showing, in your chat you'll see: "username tipped xxx tokens". This means that an user liked your show and gave to you some tokens.

Every token has a value of 5 cents!
And earning tokens is pretty easy. Most models usually write in their live show description something like "I'll show my feet if we reach 50 tokens, my tits at 250 tokens" and so on. By doing this, they get plenty of tokens in no time!

Twice a month, tokens are converted in money (0,05$/token) and you'll receive your payment on Payoneer, Paxum, Check or bank transfer payments.

With a good live show you can earn huge money, right now there are models doing 300-500 dollars every day.
They accept both girls and boys models so don't wait! 

You can also block visit from your country, so eventually no one you know can ever find you!


If you need more info about this, you can contact me at: Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo.

 These are some examples of webcam models. Please note in the chat the tokens tipping that users leave to the camgirls!





If you need more info about this, you can contact me at: Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo. .